SAP Hybris Commerce Help adopts new SAP Cloud based authentication

Recently, SAP Hybris Commerce Help site( adopted new SAP Cloud based authentication. This means that you will no longer be able to use the current email address and password to login to Hybris help site.

You will get following error:


How do you solve this problem?

All users need a S-UserID from SAP.  With S-UserID you will be able to enter

The process of getting S-UserID varies from SAP Customers to SAP partners. Please check with your company’s supervisor, if you are a customer. If you are a partner,  you can register at this link: Partner Edge

As of 02/06/2018, Hybris wiki site is not available for SSO authentication.

As of 02/06/2018, Hybris help site and Hybris experts sites are available for SSO authentication.

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