New features in Hybris 6.6

Backoffice framework:

  • Support for Personal Data Report handling to the Customer Support Backoffice.
  • Enhanced Backoffice Administration Cockpit with the selective synchronization feature to manage the synchronization jobs for publishing your data.
  • Actions grouping to display your actions in groups.

B2B and B2C Accelerators:

  • Manage user consent: Displays all user consent in a new Consent Management page under My Account or through a Backoffice consent page.
  • Account closure capability: Users can close their storefront accounts by using a dedicated page in the My Account area.
  • Interactive API documentation: Developers can try out storefront API calls while browsing the new API documentation.
  • Dynamic multi-attribute sorting and pagination: A new sorting functionality is available in Accelerator.
  • Removal of Bootstrap JavaScript dependencyAccelerator templates no longer use or ship with the JavaScript included in Bootstrap v3.3.7.



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