JRebel Setup in Hybris development environment

Why JRebel?

  • Improves Productivity.
  • No need to restart hybris frequently, which saves a lot of time to see development changes.

Steps to Configure JRebel

  1. Download JRebel from this Link
  2. Extract the zip file to some location, c:\jrebel
  3. Set the JREBEL_HOME environment variable to the directory of JRebel install. In this case, it would be c:\jrebel
  4. Install the jrebel plugin for your IDE. This plugin will allow you to configure the required hybris extensions.
    1. Eclipse: JRebel Plugin
      1. Sample screenshot of Eclipse:
    2. IntelliJ IDEA: JRebel Plugin
  5. Modifications to local.properties: add the following property to your local.properties  tomcat.debugjavaoptions:
  6. Start your hybris server with hybrisserver.bat debug
  7. Any class update (not model updates) to hybris should be done with ant build, NOT ant all



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