Hybris Training

Following topics will be covered as part of Hybris Training:

Version: Hybris v6.5/v6.6


  1. Preparation
  2. New Extension
  3. New Data Model
  4. Populating the Data Model
  5. Testing the DAO
  6. Testing the Services
  7. Testing the Façades
  8. Front end
  9. CronJobs
  10. Cockpit Basics
  11. hybris Commerce Cockpit
  12. Events
  13. Create a Workflow
  14. Validation
  15. Dynamic Model Attributes
  16. MediaConversion
  17. Customizing Backoffice – Cockpit NG
  18. New translation
  19. Catalogs
  20. Webservices



  1. Installing the Accelerator Extension Set
  2. Exploring the Installation
  3. Creating a Code Base for Your Project
  4. Compose and Model the Merchandise Shop
  5. Setup Build and Test Infrastructure
  6. Customize Initialization Process
  7. Impex – Basic Store Data
  8. Impex – Create Products
  9. Impex – Site CMS Content
  10. Shortcut to the Merchandise Store
  11. Adding New Themes
  12. Customizing Product Search Page
  13. Tweaking SolR Attributes and Facets
  14. Creating New CMS Components
  15. Cockpit Configuration for the New CMS Component
  16. Personalizing Content of the Shop
  17. Enable Pickup In Store
  18. Customize Checkout – Gift Wrapping
  19. Personalizing Prices
  20. Customizing the Order Fulfillment Process
  21. Enable Order Cancellation
  22. Set up Promotion of Existing Type
  23. Define New Promotion Type
  24. Hot Folder
  25. Trail Exercises

Please contact me for further details through contact us form.



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